Miyuki Takara Figma Review
Sunday, 4 October 2009

Miss Miyuki Takara! To be honest, this is my favourite figure at the moment. Posing her and taking pictures of her is just so fun ^^
Unfortunately, Miyuki's left hand broke when I got her, the hole that the hand goes in on the inside of the sleeve was too small that the hand she came with snapped. Oh well, they can't always be perfect. So I glued a simple open hand to the inside of the sleeve. Her right hand can still be changed.

Her hair is long and flowing, but because of this design, her stand doesn't slot into her back very easily and when it does, her face points down. Because of this, she has a removable piece of hair in the back of her head, which reveals a hole which the stand can go into. I use this more than the one in her back. Also, unlike most anime girls, you can't see her white pantsu! D: Her opaque tights cover her pantsu so they are not seen when you look up her skirt. So no upskirt shots for you!

Poor Miyuki doesn't like the dentist... But yes, she is a pleasure to have amongst my collection. She is such a cutiepie.

Score: 7/10

Next, I will review my boyfriend's Saber posable figure by Revoltech.

New Figure Pictures
Tuesday, 29 September 2009

These images are of my Chii Maid Alice figure that Nik bought me for Christmas last year.
Manufactured by Art Storm Co.
Material: PVC
Scale: 1/7
Price: £47
Released: 2007
Mine is actually a fake but she is still pretty.

These two pictures are of my Takaya Noriko figure that I bought from Forbidden Planet.
Manufactured by Kaiyodo
Material: PVC/ABS
Scale: None
Price: £32 (bought for £20)
Released: 2006
She is a really awesome figure. She's quite cute as well.
More Figures coming soon!

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A Seperate Blog For Figures

I've decided that my other blog (http://www.sweetangelfreyafreya.blogspot.com/) is becoming a little crowded with cosplay and figure stuff so I'm making seperate blogs for each of them. So, for figure stuff, come to this blog. I'll put a link on my main blog everytime I update either of my new blogs.

Current Figure Wishlist:
Miku Hatsune Figma
Miku Hatsune Nendoroid
Asuka Maid Ver. (NGE)
MisaMisa PVC 1/8 figure
Nanoha Figma
Saber (Armour Ver) Figma
Currently Seeking Dollfie DD Aoi (£295)

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